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Find out your savings


Do you want a full service REALTOR® without the full service price tag??? 

I offer a rate of 5%/2%, which using the current avg selling price, in Kamloops, results in a saving of $4,000.00 - $7,000.00 off full service agents rates.  If you mention this ad before listing you can also get a bonus $100.00 off my rates.  Flat rates apply to manufactured homes in pad rent manufactured home parks, please contact me directly for details.

My services include:

  • Free Market Evaluation & Re-evaluations
    • I will come to assess the current market value of the property
    • I will make recommendations to help you make your property the most marketable it can be given your situation
    • I will review changes to the market, which may affect my original assessment positively or negatively throughout the process of selling
  • Marketing
    • Web based marketing
    • Social media
      • Facebook, WeChat, etc...
    • MLS®
    • Q & A
    • Chinese Translation Services for all a significant segment of the market, which isn’t often properly attended to
  • Negotiation
    • Confirm approval status of all Buyers
      • Explain the pros & cons of approval status & how it affects you
    • Draft & review of Offers/Contracts (i.e. terms & conditions)
    • Helping you understand comparables (recent sales, expireds, cancelations, active listings, etc...)
    • Helping represent what makes your place better than the rest when in contact with other side
    • Mediating disputes, which is the largest single component (i.e. inspection related issues, etc...)
    • Facilitate Documentation to Buyer’s on your behalf & at my cost
    • Forward documentation to lawyers & other parties to the Contract & answer related questions at my cost
  • Showings
    • I will show the property when requested by potential Buyers (if I am unavailable, I will ensure that there is a qualified professional who will make the time to show your house)
    • Open Houses – I do these personally as nothing is better than the personal touch (I will be there to sell your house, not simply pick up potential clients)
    • I will provide feedback regarding showings & assessments of the validity of that feedback based upon current market conditions
    • In the event of Tenancy situations, I will ensure that all entries into the property meet the requirements under the Tenancy Act
  • Scheduling
    • I offer 24hr booking through: 24hr call service, social media, showtime booking app (allows for 24hr bookings), MLS®, & email & text,  & I will only call you during at appropriate hours to get your confirmation & approval of the showing
    • I will ensure all bookings meet with your desired showing timeframe criteria
    • I will schedule Open Houses both Public & REALTOR® at times convenient to you
    • I will also handle arranging other appointments (i.e. Home Inspections, appraisals, etc...)
  •  Contact Assistance
    • When you need repairs or renovations, I can provide contacts to reputable trades who can do the work
    • I offer Contractor Pricing on Electronics, Furniture & Appliances (through my contact)




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